Frequently asked questions


How much time does the development take?

You definitely need one of our free services — 8h estimation of a project. It will answer all your basic questions, give you insights and boost your desire to cooperate with us. To navigate you, MVP development takes from 1.5 to 2 months.

What technologies do you use?

  • BTC, ETH, Polygon, BSC, Solana, Near, Algorand, Hedera
  • Web3.js, Ether.js, Solana Anchor
  • Starknet / Cairo
  • Web3auth, Opensea, Coingeco, Moralis,  Infura, Alchemy
  • NFT, Launchpads, Metaverse, ICO, DeX, DeFI, Portfolio trackers
  • JavaScript, TypeScript, NodeJS
  • React Native, React, Redux, MobX, NextJS, Gatsby
  • SQL (PostgreSQL / mySQL), noSQL (MongoDB) databases
  • Docker, AWS, Heroku
  • ExpressJS, NestJS, Firebase, GCP
  • RX, GraphQL, Apollo, React Query
  • REST API development

What is the cost of your services?

Cost depends on several factors like deadlines, project’s complexity, industry, and client’s requirements. The price of MVP usually varies from 2000$ to 10000$.

What about the payment process?

To make the estimation transparent, we work using the time-material scheme. Each task is evaluated separately by the development team in hours. It is discussed and agreed upon with the client. After the approval procedure, the hours are multiplied by the hourly rate. This way, we get the final amount. It's divided into monthly payments preliminarily accompanied by invoices from our legal team.

Does your work require prepayment?

Yes, we highly appreciate our team's work, so the prepayment is a requirement. This amount of money becomes your two-week deposit and our safety net. It is made before starting. The only exception is working via Upwork.

How many people work on the project?

Our proposal is to set up:

  • meetings twice a week;
  • daily team calls;
  • weekly demo meetings (usually every Friday);
  • retro meetings.
  • We believe this format allows you to be always up-to-date. Regular communication is a must for effective work.

What are the guarantees of the qualitative results?

  • We conclude a contract previously agreed upon with the client's legal team. Then we make a two-sided signature to guarantee the provision of the services.
  • Fair reviews say more than docs. We share links to all our profiles on trading platforms. You can explore what our clients think about us.
  • Our reputation is the most vital security: 4 years of work, 40+ large-scaled projects, and 0 unsuccessful cases